Creative, artistic and innovative creations are the foundation of a culture- and knowledge-based society. In the age of digitization, their effective legal protection is both important and challenging.

In its research, the Center for Intellectual Property, Media and Innovation Law focuses on societally relevant issues arising from constant technological progress, digitization and related social changes. Main areas of research are international, European and Austrian copyright law as well as industrial property rights (trademark, design and patent), media law, data protection law, competition law and the cross-sectional area of innovation law.

The Center is committed to application-oriented research in these complex fields of law, the promotion of young scholars and the development of specialized university programs that provide continuing education tailored to specific needs of working students with practical experience. In addition, a broad range of outreach activities make research findings accessible to civil society and provide a scientific contribution to the legal and policy discourse. Being rooted in the heart of the Danube region, the Center's activities also benefit small and medium-sized businesses as well as the cultural and arts sector in Lower Austria.

Against the background of increasing digitisation and networking within a national and international context, in-depth knowledge and understanding of intellectual property, media and innovation law are central key qualifications. Accordingly, the Center offers specialized university programs for continuing education tailored to meet specific practical requirements. The Center's continuing education programs are based on results of scientific research and are oriented towards the high competence requirements of relevant practice.

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