Based on a cooperation with the Dr. Alois Mock-Europa-Stiftung (AMES), the Department for Legal Studies and International Relations and the European Documentation Centre of the University of Continuing Education Krems award for the first time Dr. Alois Mock Science Prize as well as two Dr. Alois Mock Sponsorship Prizes for the year 2021. The deadline for submission of scientific papers with European relevance has been set for 28 February 2022.

In accordance with the statutory purpose of AMES as a non-profit foundation, the prizes to be awarded support scientific work that “serves to promote the idea of the peaceful integration of the peoples of Europe within the framework of pan-European institutions with the aim of securing lasting peace and prosperity in Europe”.

For this purpose, the Dr. Alois Mock Science Prize was established, which awards a student or research associate for a dissertation, post-doctoral thesis or similar work on a topic relevant to Europe and covered by the aforementioned purpose of the foundation. Scientific papers had to be submitted between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021 and will receive a grant of EUR 1,500. In addition, two Dr. Alois Mock sponsorship awards endowed with EUR 500 will be offered to students. Here, diploma, master's or similar theses will be considered that were also submitted in 2021.

Until 28 February 2022, entries for the prizes must be sent by e-mail to edz@donau-uni.ac.at, indicating the relevant prize - "Science Prize" or "Sponsorship Prize". Please include the topic of the scientific work, a brief description of how the work contributes to the purpose of the AMES Foundation, and the name of the academic supervisor. In the case of the sponsorship awards, a brief statement of social criteria worthy of consideration is added. As documents, the scientific work, a curriculum vitae (ideally as a Europass CV) and, if available, the expert opinion are to be attached to the submission.

An independent jury consisting of representatives of the Department for Legal Studies and International Relations and the European Documentation Centre decides on the awarding of the prizes. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

The winners will be informed in writing before the awarding of the prizes. A copy of the award winners‘ work have then to be sent to AMES, which reserves the right to publish the work.


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